has worked on projects of all types including large Hollywood productions to small documentaries that require specialist security advice and protection measures.

Steel Eagle can join at the concept stage, giving you script/story support, ensuring complete authenticity and realism in dialogues (military speak anecdotes etc), military tactics, correct kit and equipment... We can join your project at any time from early stages of script writing, on the shoot itself or in the post production phase helping the editor and director cut the most realistic film.

Most films need advice of some sort this is especially so in films which have scenes of a military or special forces nature. How weapons are handled, fired or even just carried; how military cast or background walk, talk and hold themselves or how military equipment, vehicles or aircraft are used can either ensure the absolute reality of a film or can conversely destroy its credibility. How covert Special Forces units work and conduct themselves.

In order to ensure complete authenticity in your production Steel Eagle can provide bespoke military and Special Forces advisors. Steel Eagle cover all aspects of Military, Close Quarter Reconnaissance, Close Quarter Battle techniques, house assaults, surveillance and all aspects of counter terrorism. Our Special Forces Military Advisors can help on any stage of the production, advising on script and story development, securing appropriate equipment and locations as well as giving on set advice during filming and post production. Our advisors are unique in that all have served within Special Forces and are current on all operational capabilities from military land based operations to covert counter terrorist projects.

The Gunman starring Sean Penn,
The military thriller is slated to hit cinemas early 2015

The Gunman starring Sean Penn

The Steel Eagle Team

All our operators are recruited from ex Special Forces units such as the Special Air Service, Special Boat Service, Delta Force and Navy Seals.
They have had extensive experience in a plethora of operations worldwide and unlike most military advisors are the genuine people that can be verified by our clients at any stage. (Resumes supplied on request). Billy Bingham and Chris Sargeant


He joined the Parachute Regiment in 1983 and served until 1992 holding an array of positions including: Patrol Commander for operational tours in many worldwide locations and also served as a training instructor for the Regiments as a military specialist. Billy joined the SAS in 1991 as a Mountain Troop specialist and currently remains on active duty as a Reserve.


Billy has been responsible for planning and executing strategic operations at the highest governmental level for tours in numerous worldwide locations and has lead countless hostage rescues.

    the army

Billy Billingham has an extensive and diverse security background serving in multiple capacities ranging from Warrant Officer for the Special Air Service (SAS) to Head of Security for various A-list celebrities, British Royalty and International Political Figures.

    and experience

Billy is a certified SF and Counter Terrorist Sniper Instructor, Advanced Evasive Diving Instructor, Tracking/Jungle Warfare/Navigation Instructor, Demolition/Sabotage Instructor, Ski Mountaineering/Rock Climbing/Abseiling/Ice climbing Instructor, Combat Survival/RTI Instructor, Counter Terrorist Instructor (all options) and has worked as a Patrol Medic/Trauma Life Support agent for 5 hospital attachments.

office : + 44 (0) 1989 730 766


Chris served in the British Army for 17 years. He spent 7 years in 3 Commando Brigade specialising in forward observation post close air support and naval gunfire mostly in mountain and arctic warfare. In 1991 he passed 22 Special Air Service selection and served in UK Special Forces for a further 10 years.


Chris has been in involved in a plethora of overt and covert operations world wide

    the army

Since leaving the SAS Chris spent 8 years in the private security industry operating in remote parts of the globe for corporate and private clients.


Since joining Steel Eagle he has been involved in script writing, training actors, stuntmen and extras as well as advising directors on major Hollywood productions. In addition to this he has provided security advice and training to documentary crews operating in high risk environments.

    and experience

Chris is a counter terrorist assaulter and sniper, advanced evasive driver, advanced demolitionist, Military Free Fall Specialist,PADI Dive Master, Mountain and Arctic Warfare Specialist and a commercially endorsed Master of Yachts (200gt). Chris is also an instructor in combat survival, maritime security, close protection, surveillance, Jungle Warfare, skill at arms and sea survival.

mobile: + 44 (0) 7761 461 654
office : + 44 (0) 1989 730 766

What Steel Eagle provides

Steel Eagle provides military and Special Forces services to the film industry. This can take any form depending on your requirements. Our database of ex Special Forces personnel can join your production as Extras and Advisors, or use our permanent staff, who can give script advice, locations support and/or source military equipment and hardware.

Infiltration techniques

Infiltration Techniques

By land, air and sea including High Altitude Low Opening parachute infiltration (HALO), High Altitude High Opening parachute infiltration, and low level static line and resupply techniques by air, Drop zone and tactical landing air strips. Our boat and diving operators are proficient in all aspects of water Bourne infiltration including underwater infiltration and sabotage, off shore power boat and sail navigation and handling.

Mountain and Arctic warfare

Mountain and Arctic Warfare

We can advise on all infiltration techniques associated with scaling cliff faces and operations in mountainous terrain. Mobility representatives are current in aspects of land based mobility including use of motor and quad bikes, and larger firing platforms as used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Specific Environment Training

Specific Environment Training

Our operators can train individuals or groups on patrol skills such as demolitions, medical, signalling and languages. All these are key skills used by any Special Forces soldier throughout the world including jungle, mountain and Arctic, desert and fighting in built up areas.

Unarmed Combat

Anti-Poaching Operations

Anti-Poaching Ranger Training

All aspects of counter terrorism advice including technical and human surveillance, hostage rescue, kidnap and ransom. Steel Eagle operatives are all close protection instructors that have extensive experience in the private security industry so can advise and give protection to valuable assets during production.

Our advisors will also be able to contribute advice with regard to your Health and Safety Risk Assessments when using military equipment, personnel or activities and will work with your own HS staff. We can provide all forms of Military and Special Forces Training to cast, background artists and, if necessary, crew; weapons handling, bearing, 'lingo', rank/rate structure, dress, marks of respect - as with most things in film it's the small things that count. In all cases we will tailor our support to your specific needs, offering you very competitive rates and assisting in you in your budget preparations. Please call or email to discuss any questions no matter how small or large your production.


Security Services

Ensure the safety and security of the things that are most important to you.
We protect people and property, as well as helping you to look after yourself with out bespoke security awareness training.

Whatever your needs or concerns, we will put together a tailored team of security experts to take care of you, your family and your home. Our operatives are fully screened and experienced in working closely with individuals. Our services range from providing a security officer for chaperoning your children to school to arranging a close-protection team for escorting business executives in high-risk areas.

Residential Security Residential Security

Feel safe and secure in your own home, and know that your family and property are protected.

Our experienced, qualified and friendly team provides complete security discreetly and professionally.

Close Protection Close Protection

Protect yourself and your loved ones, ensure your safety and reduce your exposure to risk.

Friendly, experienced and professional in-house operatives provide our close protection and chaperone services.

Awareness Training Security Awareness Training

Recognise possible risks, be alert to the threats around you and deal with them effectively and confidently.

Awareness training is just as important as implementing technical security systems

Travel Advisory Travel Advisory

Plan your travel route to avoid trouble hotspots and for an enjoyable stress free journey.

We provide threat assessments and travel guidance for both private and commercial clients

Commercial Security Commercial Security

Protect your valuable business assets, wether on land or at sea.

Our experienced team covers all aspects of commercial security, from executive protection to anti-piracy operations

Executive Protection Executive Protection

Keep your people safe whilst conducting business around the world.

We protect executives and high-net-worth individuals discreetly, diligently and without disruption.

Security Assessments Security Assessments

Discover the risks to your premises and how to minimise or eliminate them.

Following a detailed examination, we will propose a set of realistic security measures tailored to your unique needs.

Security Assessments Project Management

We take care of the whole process

Enjoy complete peace of mind by leaving your project in our expert hands.

Surveillance Surveillance

Keep watch over and protect your commercial and private assets.

We guarantee your complete confidentiality.

Commercial shipping Commercial Shipping

Make sure your commercial vessel is protected.

Increase your ship's defensive capability and minimise risks.

Yacht security Yacht Security

Reduce the security risks to your yacht and protect the people on board.

We can meet all of your security needs.

Crew Security Crew Security Training

Arm your crew with the knowledge and confidence to protect themselves and your vessel.

We can meet all of your security needs.